Smart IoT Hong Kong

16 - 17 May 2018 at HKCEC, Hong Kong

Co-located with:

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Programme Streams

Here's where the smart players get even smarter.

Expertly curated and compellingly delivered, our world-class conference spans across 60+sessions our programme streams cover every aspect of IoT from infrastructure to applications, with insights that can't be found anywhere else. And the best bit… We deliver it FREE to delegates to ensure you get a quality audience in numbers.


Smart Mobility – Enhancing Urban Efficiency

  • Smart Mobility: An overview of the opportunities, challenges and wins!
  • Maintenance of transport, tracking and route optimization – case study
  • Building an intelligent transportation system and wider integration into smart cities
  • Connected vehicles, the regulatory and practical barrier and the new market models emerging
  • Managing the data flow and enabling deeper analytical insights for urban mobility

Industrial IOT – Driving Unconventional Growth

  • Examining the industrial IOT opportunities: A closer look at the costs associated with IIoT and how these can be justified to ensure ROI?
  • Predictive equipment maintenance
  • Evolution of IIOT Business models – how is this impacting the business?
  • Understanding clearly define operational requirements and the capabilities of the technologies
  • Real opportunities of IIOT – impact on the business and the consumer – case study
  • Cyber security solutions – best practice

Smart Government – Managing the Technological forefront

  • Enabling Supply and Demand Size Policy
  • Transparency and open data – scaling up the open data revolution
  • ICT and eGov - facilitating the flow of electronic information and the implementation of cross-departmental e-Government services  - case study

Smart Economy – the drive towards Smart Growth

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation – the Hong Kong Context
  • The economics behind smart economies
  • Local and Global Interconnectedness – working towards smarter integration

Smart Living – Converging technologies for Smart Environments and integrated Ecosystems

  • The connected customer – how advances in IOT are changing the customer experience
  • Current investment landscape and development opportunities
  • Integration of IOT components – the challenge of authentication and security
  • The hidden threat from your smart devices – the security cost
  • Innovative medical technology – saving and enhancing lives

Smart People – Transforming the next Generation

  • Smart Learning Environments – Transforming learning
  • Inclusive Society – integrating Smart People and Smart Environments
  • Embrace Creativity - CreateSmart Initiative (CSI) Case study

Big Data and Analytics

  • Focus on Data Equity
  • Maximising the potential of your big data initiatives – case study
  • Big Data and Analytics in Business
  • Adopting cloud solutions in your enterprise
  • Embed data Analytics to fuel business growth
  • Big data and social media
  • Logical data warehousing
  • The power of real time and predictive analytics – case study
  • The impact of data analytics on smaller businesses
  • Using Big data to enhance your marketing strategy
  • Making use of unstructured data
  • Evolution of BI and visualisation – new business opportunities




Wherever you are on your IoT Journey, Smart IoT Hong Kong is the only place to be.